Want your event to have something unique that people haven't seen before? Penny & Hugo bring the classic photo booth experience with a twist!


Experiential Marketing + Branding Opportunities 

Our vintage camper photo booths provide an attractive and interactive way to create brand awareness. Your logo and/or your sponsors will be on the booth start screen and the photo strips guests bring home. Hugo can take branding to the next level by being fully custom wrapped, or adding your logo directly to its sides. 

Unlimited Prints

Back in the good old days we never had cameras on our phones! To grab an instant picture of you and all your friends you had to walk into town and squeeze into a photo booth. Take your guests on a trip down memory lane by providing them with old school photo strips that print right on the spot.

Unique Props 

No two props are alike, we search high and low hand picking props that are as unique as our photo booths.